• Added
    • New Area: Vally Village
    • New Dungeon: Never-Ending Forest/Deathly Swamp
    • New Enemies: Earthsprite, Dark/Light Fairy, Death
    • New Boat: Ship
    • New Item: 2nd Job Path Upgrade
    • New Shop: Weekend Discount Shop
  • Changed
    • Sailable areas decreased
    • Backend plugins changed
    • TP back to MP
    • Skills Updated
    • Passives Update
    • Stat Upgrade Update
    • Weapon Update
  • Fixed
    • Weather Effects in Lava Cave
    • Shadow Medallion usable anywhere
  • Removed
    • Trader from Forest Town Premium Shop
    • Mini Lables from NPC's

Update Notes


Vally Village

A new area, Vally Village, has been discovered and is sailable to once you get the Ultimate Weapon from Snowfall Town. This is the next area to go to to get your newest Ultimate Weapon for Harold, Origin.

Never-Ending Forest/Deathly Swamp

The newest Ultimate Weapon Dungeon has been released! This dungeon is harder than the last.

Hmm, enemies change between the weather effects it seems. But, where, where is the exit?

Will you find the exit in time to get the newest Ultimate Weapon or will you be stuck in limbo forever?


The newest enemies have been released for Vally Village area and Never-Ending Forest:



Light Fairy


Dark Fairy





An upgrade to the Boat is now avilable. Defeat Death and collect Origin to gain access to this new area.

2nd Job Path Item (Light)

The Light Job Path now has an item for instant activation. No need to do the job quest, no need to waste time getting items so you can find out how strong you really are.

Buy one in the Norville Premium Shop today!

Weekend Discount Shop

A discounted Premium Shop has been added to show up on weekends. Look for the blue sprite in Forest Town and Norville to get discounted Premium items!


Sailable Areas

Sailable areas (light blue) have been decreased (dark blue). These areas require a different ship to sail on them. This will be aquired at a later date.

Backend Plugins

A backend plugin has been enabled. This has changed alot of the frontend sytems such as TP and Limit Breaks.

TP -> MP

TP is now no longer used as MP, unless you have a Limit Break, in which it will use all of your TP and reset it to 0.

Skill Update

Skills using TP are now using the updated MP values (500MP, 1000MP, 2000MP). Ultimate Skills are no longer able to be learned as regular skills and are instead used as a Limit Breaks once TP is at 100.

Passive Update

Some passives have seen updates to their effects due to the above mentioned changes:

  1. Harold's TP regen/increase has been removed and replaced with a Paralyze % chance on attack (Light Knight [15%] and Gladiator [25%]) and % chance to inflict Defense Down (100%) (Gladiator only [25%])
  2. Marshas's Magic Evasion has been removed and replaced with a Magic Attack Up (Light Mage [15%] and Elementalist [25%]) and % chance to inflict Magic Defense Down (100%) (Elementalist only [25%])
  3. Sariel's Critical Evasion has been removed and replaced with a Magic Evasion (Light Wing [15%] and Emissary [25%])

Stat Upgrade

Stat Upgrades have been updated:

  1. TP Regen added (25% cap)
  2. TP Charge added (50% cap)

Each level costs 1 point per level, as any other Upgrade does. These values may change at a later date, probably before Alpha.

Weapon Update

All weapons have had their TP Regen changed to MP Regen of the same %.

Harold and Therese now start off with MP and their weapons give MP, the same MP as Marsha/Sariel weapons, as well.

Ultimate Weapons now give 25% HP/MP Regen instead of just 50% MP Regen.


Lava Cave

There was snow falling...in a cave filled with lava. That wont be happening anymore, at least when you enter it! :)

Shadow Medallion

The Shadow Medallion was able to be used anywhere: Battle, Outside, in the bathroom while reading the newspaper, at your grand-...you get the point.

Even though it did nothing, it would be wasted. Not anymore! :)



Trader has been removed from the Forest Town Premium Shop. This was due to not having any more items to trade and being unused.


Mini-Labels have been removed from all NPC's. The labels on areas on the Overworld will stay so you know where places are. Some Mini-Labels have been added as well.