IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting now, all updates will be fresh. Any and all updates from the WP site before will not be referenced unless explicitly specified.


  • Added
    • Miscellaneous Fixes
  • Changed
    • Link to Update area
  • Fixed
    • Nothing, yet...
  • Removed
    • Auto Updater

Update Notes



Certain things were fixed from the previous update, but since those notes where lost during the migration, they are catagorized as "Miscellaneous".


~Update Link~

The update link has been changed to this site. The old site redirects to a 404 no found page.


~Auto Updater~

The Auto Updater has been removed because of complications with my webserver due to the migration of panels. All updates will be served manually, requiring you to go to an external site and download each update everytime its updated. Sorry for any inconvenience.