Hello and welcome back to my site.

Alot has happened within the last day so let's get into it!

First and foremost, Thanks.

I would like to thank everyone for being so patient while I got my server back up. I would also like to thank Krydos at Heliohost.org for making it as painless as possible by installing my new VPS software.

Next up, the issue.

So apperently WordPress glitches out so hard that I was not able to make anymore posts without reviewing them first, even though I was the main admin. This led to alot of research, troubleshooting, failure and ultimately me resetting my VPS completely. A backup of the old site and database has been made and saved, but since this site is up and running, there is no need to restore it.

On to, resolution.

Before resetting my VPS, I did a bit of research on what kind of Panel I would want. At the time, I was using VestaCP. Granted, this did what I wanted it to, but it didn't give me what I had wished for: and auto-installer with most apps for free. This is were I stumbled upon Cloudron.io. It was everything I wanted, but in order to achieve this, I needed a fresh server. So I ended up making the decision to reset my VPS due to the fact of WP breaking and having the opportunity for something better like the ever-evasive Ghost Platform.

Finally, thoughts and endnotes.

So far, Ghost and Cloudron have been very good to me. It might not be WP, but who needs something so clunky anyway when something so simple can do the same, if not better, job? Moving forward, I will continue to update this site to be everything my old site was and maybe even better than it ever was. My game will get updates to reflect these changes and hopefully there won't be anymore problems with either my game or my website.

Thank you all again for sticking with me throughout all the issues and mishaps. I am human after all and learning is a constant trend.

~ Jenova